Adobe Error with Reports 2.5

From: Chris <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 11:05:53 -0700
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I've searched Adobe's site but haven't found much that helps. I'm hoping that someone has dealt with this before.

We are running Forms 4.5 on a Sun box and accessing them through the applet viewer. One form has a feature to launch a Reports 2.5 report and display the output in .pdf format in the user's browser. 95% of the time it is flawless. However, sometimes one user will consistently get an adobe error for the same data set being reported on while other users can report on that same data set without any problems. The error is an Acrobat error and looks like this:

    There was an error processing a page. Too few operands.

User clicks okay and gets another error message:

    Unrecognized token "j" was found.

Like I said, when a user gets these errors trying to report on certain data they will get it consistently, day-after-day. The user sitting right next to them can run the report with the exact same parameters and it works fine, but they may have a problem with a different set of parameters when the first person does not.

I've read that this error can occur when the .pdf file gets corrupted during retrieval from the reports web server. I've also heard that it can be related to invalid fonts or printer settings. Finally I've heard that it can be related to the version of Acrobat Reader. However, none of this makes sense because it seems to be random based on the PC and the parameters passed in. Everyone is also using version 4.0 of the Reader.

Any help, solution, or just a wild hypothesis is appreciated.

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