How to deploy a forms application ???

From: Nabil Courdy <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 09:41:25 GMT
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[Quoted] We are developing our first Oracle application. The database (Oracle 8.1.5) will reside on a DEC-UNIX. We have two DEC-UNIX machines, one to support a failover mechanism. We are struggling with the question of how to deploy the application. We have two options: 1) Distribute the images to all Win NT clients 2) use the the second DEC-UNIX server as the application image file server. However, this will need a product like PC-NFS. The first option is not desirable since it makes the process of distributing the images very complex and requires fat clients. Does anyone know how viable the second option is or if there are more attractive products than PC-NFS out there? Hw about MS SMS product to distribute the image to all NT clients if we do consider the first option.

Nabil Courdy

Nabil Courdy
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