Re: Tabbed Stacked Canvas

From: Simon Hedges <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 23:46:53 +0100
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Steve wrote:
<> wrote in message news:7q0oda$nec$
> I am developing an application and would like to tab four stacked
> canvas. I am using Forms 4.5 32 bit. I considered tab VBX control but
> read that it can only be used with 16 bit. Any information or help
> would be greatly appreciated.

Upgrade to Forms 5 - it has native Tabs <g>

Assuming that the above is not possible, you can use an OCX/Activex control if you can find one. These are the 32 bit equivalents of the VBX controls - I'm afraid I don't know where to get these.

Alternatively, you can 'bodge' it by creating 4 buttons where the tabs would be, slightly overlapping the 4 canvases you need, and using when-button-pressed triggers to try to imitate the look & feel of tabs. This never quite gives the look of real tabs, and requires bespoke triggers to be written, but it will give an approximation.

Simon Hedges
UK Received on Thu Aug 26 1999 - 00:46:53 CEST

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