REPOST: Anyne using web forms 2.1 under solaris (Sorry)

From: Guy Dallaire <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 02:07:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>

SORRY ! As you can see, my usenet tool was misconfigured. Please reply to


We are moving from client server (Forms 4.5) to oracle developper server. We are planning to deploy on developper 2000 servr v 2.1 under solaris because we assume it is more stable than 6.0

What do you think of this ?

Also, I presume I'm better using jinitiator that the oracle JDK appletviewer ?

Last but nor least:

When I start the forms server on my solaris sever:

nohup f50ctl port=9000 log=/var/tmp/f50s.log & (Or simply /var/tmp)

It works fine, but the docs said I was supposed to get a log in /var/tmp/f50s.log and there is NOTHING. I searched oracle support and found nada. I would really like to have a log of some sort in order to determine what goes wrong when the server crashes, etc...

If anyone has a GOOD set of links relating to oracle web forms development + deployment, please share with me

Thanks !

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