COM-Gen 2000 - Preview Release!

From: Dave V. <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 00:06:37 GMT
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Hi all,

    We have just this minute released a "Preview Release" on our web site. As usual, you can download it at . (It's only about 850K.) Our target date for the official release of September 1 still looks good.

    For those not familiar, COM-Gen 2000 enables VB Developers to cut up to 90% off their development time and create all data objects in seconds! This VB Add-In reads from most popular ODBC data sources and OLE DB providers and generates all classes, properties, methods, and supporting VB and SQL code necessary to insert, update, delete, and retrieve records. Choose DSN, DSN-less, or OLEDB connection. Generates error handling code, too!

    Here are some of the changes since the final beta:

  • Created a connection wrapper class (clsCG2KConn) so that all database connectivity is done from one place, making it easy to edit your connection string if you feel the need.
  • Added a module level clsCG2KConn object to each module instead of using local connection variables to minimize the number of database connections and increase performance.
  • Added options to use DSN-less ODBC connection as well as OLE DB provider, in addition to just an ODBC DSN connection.
  • Fixed error 430 which would occur if you did not have the latest MDAC version installed.
  • Fixed bug that caused string variables not to be surrounded by single quotes when using SQL Server 7.0 and certain versions of JET for MS-Access, especially when using the new nChar, nVarchar, and nText data types in SQL Server 7.0.
  • Added Sort Order property to collection classes.
  • Changed property generation so that all properties are now of the Variant data type. Also included validation in each Property Let to make sure that the data being passed in is of the correct type. This was all necessary so that we could more accurately check for null fields when building INSERT and UPDATE statements in the Add and Update methods.

    Please look over the Preview Release carefully. If you notice any bugs or have any last minute suggestions, PLEASE let us know immediately by reporting them via our web site.

Dave V. - Q&D Software -
COM-Gen 2000 creates your VB data objects in
seconds, including all VB and SQL supporting code.

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