Re: LOV question

From: Paul Q <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 20:40:38 GMT
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In the column mapping properties of the LOV set the display lenght of the id to 0, although set it to return to the appropriate field.

Set validate from list to true, on the description field.

Ken Halsted wrote in message ...
>To faithful newsgroup, another FORMS question please.
>I have setup an LOV and on the item I told it to use the LOV and to verify
>the data. When I run the form it works great except, I want to be able to
>do a FIND on the description of the LOV and not the ID of the LOV. Is this
>possible? It seems to only let me search on the ID's which is useless
>(That's why I have an LOV in the first place)
>Thanks for any help at all,
>Kenneth W. Halsted
>Mountaire Corporation
>ph: (501) 399-8812
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