Re: Reverse Engineering

From: Mike Rose <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 17:05:40 GMT
Message-ID: <EnVw3.8474$>

Hi Paul,

You can try these products:

  1. ER Studio Probably the best value (features/price/performance) 1a) Power Designer - What didn't you like, what didn't it do?
  2. Rational Rose 98i (Only use if part of complete (re)-design development effort)
  3. ERwin Recently sold to CA, very popular but I don't like the product and it's over-priced.
  4. Visio Enterprise Will create ERDs by reverse engineering the database, not really a database design tool.

> I have to build an ERD for a very large proprietary database, and
> short of drawing it from the table references, which would take upwards
> for two months, I am looking at tools to reverse engineer it. I have
> tried the demo of Sybases PowerDesigner, and it frankly, doesn't meet up
> with what I need. is there anything else anyone can suggest.?
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