Re: Calling Form from another form in WebDB 2.1

From: M. Oberly <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 15:42:04 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Hi Ed,

I have never tried this, but If the report has the DEPT_ID column of table EMP specified in its "Parameter Entry Form Display Options" page (I assume the report accesses this table) then you should be able to pass this value and its name through the report's Call Interface if the form's PL/SQL code can get it. Since all of the PL/SQL code is local to the form's Show procedure, then it should be able to access anything that the Show procedure references..


Edward Beemer wrote:

> Hello guys,
> Consider table DEPT with fields DEPT_ID and DEPT_NAME.
> Consider table EMP with fields EMP_ID, DEPT_ID and EMP_NAME.
> I have a report EMP_REPORT and a form DEPT_FORM.
> In DEPT_FORM, I want to show the list of employees in EMP_REPORT who belong
> to the current record in DEPT_FORM.
> In the PL/SQL 'after displaying the footer' I managed to call EMP_REPORT
> (using its Call Interface), but this shows _ALL_ the employees rather than
> the ones with the current DEPT_ID.
> How do I get the report to show only the relevant records?
> With kind regards,
> Edward Beemer
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