ROLLBACK tablespace needs media recovery when startup mount;

From: Raymond <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 11:51:18 GMT
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[Quoted] [Quoted] I am new to be database administrator. Currently running Oracle 8.0.3 on NT4.0 SP3.

[Quoted] Is it possible to drop the whole tablespace for ROLLBACK segments? Any precautions? Actually, I want to delete the 2nd datafile as it is no longer used. The story behind is as follows.

I have created rollback segments for both SYSTEM and user in the same ROLLBACK_DATA tablespace. The tablespace consists of 2 physical datafiles. One day, I found One of the datafile is in OFFLINE status one day for unknown reason.

When I am trying to disable the archive log mode for importing data to another database, and trying to start the database in mount mode but failed.

Checked the Alert.log and found the error ORA-01143: cannot disable media recovery - file name needs media recovery.

According to Oracle8 Online document, cause of ORA-01143 is -
"An attempt to disable media recovery found a file that needs media
recovery. Therefore, media recovery cannot be disabled."

According to Oracle8 Online document, action towards ORA-01143 is -
"Recover the offending file or drop the tablespace to which it
belongs, then retry the operation."

Thanks in advance.

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