Re: Reports 2.5 - IDX and DAT files

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Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 10:31:25 GMT
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These temp files are created by Oracle Reports when it needs to sort data, the .dat file being your data and the .idx file being the sort order the output needs to be in.

In unix, they are usually stored in /tmp and should delete themselves after the report is complete. However, if the report terminates abnormally, they will remain on disk.
If the timestamp on these files are a few days old, it should be ok to delete them, or create some kind of cron or timed process to do it for you.


In article <>,   Leng Kaing <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm sure there is an expert among you guys.
> I have this annoying problem with Report 2.5 reports.
> When running a Report 2.5 report, it automatically creates these
> IDXnnnnnn and DATnnnnn files that were created ?
> Is there an option to tell the Report 2.5 reports, to clean up it own
> workfiles?
> Note: I'm not too sure what these files are... I'm pressuming these
> files are the Report 2.5 's workfile.
> Thanks,
> Leng.

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