Re: Oracle Forms Query problem

From: Samuel Leung <>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 17:34:12 +0800
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You have to create a control block (a block with no base table) which includes
all the columns of your searching criteria.

The add a KEY-EXEQRY trigger to the control block, somthing like:

If FIELD_A is not null then
  Set_Block_Property( 'BLOCK_A', DEFAULT_WHERE,

                                       'The Where cluase depends on your
input criteria');
  Go_Block( 'BLOCK_A' );
Elsif FIELD_B is not null then
End if; wrote in message <7psf6j$oam$>...
>I'm using Oracle Forms v5.0 in Developer 2000v2.0. I have a form with
>4 different blocks, and when I try to perform a query it only allows me
>to enter values in fields that belong to the table that owned the
>column that the cursor was in when the query was originated. The
>tables in these blocks have constraints tying them together, is there
>any way to get this query to be able to search from any one of the
>blocks (or tables)??? I'm not a forms person, but from the
>documentation I have the relationship should be built when I generate
>the form. Any help is appreciated.
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