Re: Newbie question - Data blocks and Arguments

From: Steve Cosner <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 18:59:37 GMT
Message-ID: <tSgw3.120$>

In article <7prt1c$9k7$>, <> wrote:
>Is it possible to create a data block that
>will accept an argument that will be used
>in the where clause? I've done this in PLSQL
>functions and procedures, and in ProC.

Create a control block above the base-table block, with the selection item. In the base-table block, set the where-clause to:   Col_A = :Ctrl_Blk.Select_Itm

Create a key-Exeqry trigger (form-level) that does:   Go_Block('TBL_BLOCK');
  EXECUTE_QUERY; Steve Cosner
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