Re: Compile issue? (Forms)

From: Steve Cosner <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 18:29:28 GMT
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In article <7ps14k$2rk$>, Isaias Gutierrez <> wrote:
> I'm trying to modify a form. I make a copy of the form, open it,
> and make my changes in the form designer. I then generate the form.
> If I look in the directory where the form is saved (through Windows
> explorer), the .FMB file is about half the size of the original, yet
> the executable (.FMX) is bigger than the original. Is there a
> setting somewhere that is causing this? This is forms 4.5. I
> recently installed Developer 2000 after some problems. Thanx in
> advance for any help.

When you generate and then save a form, Oracle stuffs unnecessary intermediate compile-related (Diana) code into the fmb file. To get rid of this garbage, before we are done with a form, we do a Convert-to-text, then a Convert-to-binary (from the File --> Administration --> Convert menu). This process always reduces the fmb down to nearly half its old size. And once compressed, the designer opens the fmb in a snap, (while the first generate takes a little longer).

I think Oracle planned on using that intermediate compiled code instead of recreating it the next time you open the fmb, and along the way, they abandoned the idea. But they never took out the stuff when the fmb is saved, so we still get the file size bloat. Once an fmb file has this code in it, it takes longer to open the fmb, since the forms Designer is re-verifying or re-creating the compiled code. You can see the difference of compiled/uncompiled procedured by noting the absence or existence of the plus symbol next to the procedures in the Object Navigator.

I have not observed fmx file size changes -- the only changes I have seen there are due to programming changes.

Steve Cosner
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