Re: Forms 5.0 - Calling one trigger from another

From: John Strange <>
Date: 23 Aug 1999 16:57:07 GMT
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create a program unit BUTTON_PRESSED.
Call BUTTON_PRESSED from either button trigger. use

        button_name := name_in('SYSTEM.TRIGGER_ITEM'); to find out which button called BUTTON_PRESSED procedure. wrote:
: Hi,

: I am learing Oracle Forms 5.0 and am I
: am trying to do what I can do in other
: GUI front ends.

: I have created a form with two buttons,
: both in a control data block. The when_button_pressed
: trigger of the first button sends a message.

: From the second push button,
: I want to call the trigger of the FIRST button.

: This is easily done in Visual Basic.
: How can I do this in forms? Is it possible?

: Thanks,

: Newbie

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