webdb dynamic pages and parameters

From: Gabriele Zannoni <gzannoni_at_racine.ra.it>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 17:42:30 +0200
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[Quoted] Is there a way to pass parameters to webdb dynamic pages? I have to make a complex report so i think the only way to do this is to use dynamic pages, but without parameters for the queries...i can do nothing!

Following is there a description of the problem.

There is a table of firms that can stay in more than one cathegory (a table contains all cathegories and another table contains associations between firms and cathegories), every firm can have one or more contacts inside it (Mr. The President, a vendor, a secretary etc...this is the table of Contacts) and every contact can have one or more "addresses" (home, email, telephone, office etc).
The problem is: when I enter the name of a firm the system have to search in the database and it have to make a report that contains all the data of the searched firm; for all the data I mean also cathegories, contact list and address list for every contact.

I have no problem with SQL and I think that a join will be unreadable. I need something more structured and...readable.

Can you help me???

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