Re: 8i - Designer - Developer Installation

From: Gary E. Grant <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 01:25:33 -0700
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I have Des2k/Dev2k & Oracle8i (8.1.5) running on one machine (NT) The thing that you MUST do is have separate ORACLE_HOME's I Use D:\orant as the ORACLE_HOME for Designer/2000 * Dev2k. I use d:\orant8i for the ORACLE_HOME for 8i.

The interesting part of this exercise is to make sure that you have two separate TNSNAMES.ORA files. and you have TNSNAMES environment var set appropriately. If this is a UNIX box you can set the TWO_TASK Environment variable to point to the 8i Server Thus Dev2k & Des2k talk OCI to the 8i server by the TCP stack.

You also should set the registry string to force Des2k to use Oracle 8 communication tools as opposed to the Oracle 7 tools.

Richard Cuello wrote:

> Can you Install Oracle8 and oOacle 8i on the same machine?
> Also, Can you install Designer and Developer with Oracle 8i? I've been
> trying and I have been getting error on instalation.
> Please E-mail me with a response
> Thanks
> Richard


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