Re: FRM-40401: No changes to save

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Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 00:13:46 GMT
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[Quoted] I added the statement " Forms_dd('commit;'); " and I did not get the message anymore. However, I found that my data did not get saved. Let me tell you more on what I have on my form:

  1. On my forms there are a few text boxes which do not bind to base table
  2. User will key in the info and then click on the Save button
  3. The save button is supposed to have the code to save this data to the base table and I am having problem whenever I include the commit statement - I get the message "FRM-40401: No changes to save"

Welcome advise from others as well.

Thank You

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> Write In To Code -- Forms_ddl(commit);
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