Re: creating views with mulitple tables

From: Dirk Bellemans <Dirk.Bellemans_at_skynet.belgium>
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 11:02:39 +0200
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Sybrand Bakker wrote in message
>Part one:
>Usually views are not updatable. After all views are not intended as a
>to repair bad database design.

I disagree. Many of us need to access data in old databases, which have a data design that no longer is or never was "correct". To cope with the situation, we use views.

Another situation, in which I'm currently working, is where the data design is being redone, but not all applications can be rewritten in due time. So we use views to emulate the old ("bad") data design of before. But we DO need to update the views. Now, in Oracle 8 this is possible. But like always, the logic that is missing in the data structure, needs to be programmed. And for that, Oracle has provided the "Instead of" trigger.

So, I can't read minds, and whatever the inventor of views intended is not known to me, but it is a fact that views are used to repair bad or old data designs. And Oracle has therefore consistently provided the means to do just that.

Dirk Bellemans
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