Re: SQL-LOADER fand Fixed Point

From: Alexander I. Doroshko <>
Date: 20 Aug 1999 07:37:18 GMT
Message-ID: <01beeade$63db2c60$190114c1_at_sister.grant.UUCP>

The corresponding line in your ctl file must be as

my_field char(8) ":my_field/100000"

A propos, isn't the format NUMBER(3, 5) erroneous? You can't put 123.45678 into such a field. Azaria Elburg <> wrote in article [Quoted] <7ph5n3$uul$>...
: I am trying to load into a field defined as NUMBER (3,5) .
: The problem is that in the data file there is no decimal point. For
: example the field in the file will contain "12345678".
: I want this to be loaded so that the field will contain 123.45678
: How can I do this?
: ThanX in advance,
: Azaria Elburg
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