Re: Oracle Designer vs Visual Basic 6

From: Bastiaan Schaap <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 09:06:10 +0200
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Hello Charles,

Converting from access to Oracle would be a wise decision, especially seen your situation with 200 concurrent users... I totally agree with mr. Bellemans that the first thing that comes to mind is inter-/intranet and multi-tier. Your choice will have to depend on the decision if you want to keep the existing application, or change that to Oracle too. The advantages of only converting the database and keeping the old application are: - the end-users will not have to learn to work with a new application - no extra time, cost and risks have to be made to create a new application. This is specially the case if you're planning to convert the application yourself, and have no Oracle experience.

If you decide to convert the application too, you'll have several choices in what Oracle tool you want to make the application. You have the -what I call- thick-client tools, that generate applications that completely run on the client computer (Forms, Reports and VB -generator), and do not require heavy server-machines. On the other hand you have the thin-client tools (webgenerator and webforms) that have little impact on the client machines, but often need heavy server-machines. These are all aspects you'll have to take in consideration when converting. The cheapest would be to only convert the database and use an other ODBC driver with your existing VB application (at least if you use odbc, which is what I expect..). If you decide however, to change your application to Oracle you'll also have to invest time, money and risks but the end-result will be a well documented and completely Oracle compliant application. Switching to Oracle also gives a good opportunity to use web-technology which -in this e-marketing age- would have several strategic advantages for your company. The most important one of them being connectivity: all the world can access your information (if you wish them to offcourse..), no matter where they are, or what computer they have. All they need is a computer with an internet-browser and access to their provider, which everyone has these days (even 'on the road' !) don't they?

I believe I saw some white papers on this subject somewhere, I don't have them at hand now, but if you search the net, you'll probably find a lot of useful information to ease your choice..

I hope you can do something with this information,

Bastiaan Schaap
Desyde Baarn

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> Hello everybody,
> I would like you all with the appropraite knowledge to please take some
> on this question:
> A project need to be converter from Access to Oracle.
> Question: What are the pro's /contra's on speed, programmability,
> performance etc on Visual Basic 6 versus Oracle Designer 2000?
> In all: What is the best choice on this when you concider there is a 200
> concurrent usercount from 6 different locations on 1 oracle database where
> 90% of the transactions is retrieval and 10% is inserting and updating
> All thooughts are welcome.
> Grtz,
> Charles Storm.
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