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Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 19:50:03 GMT
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[Quoted] I have written an app with Jdeveloper connecting to Oraclle 8.1.5. The tool is great and I am very satisfied.

There is one problem, I have a table with CLOB type and when try to insert with large string. I get the message that the data is larger than data type allows. The string is around 3K chracaters.

Why 3K is large for CLOB type?

Is this a Driver problem?

The code is

#sql { UPDATE verityuser.VERITY_LOG

           SET END_TIME = SYSDATE,
               UPDATE_STATUS = :sUpdate_Status,
               UPDATE_NO_OF_IDS = :iUpdateNoOfToc_Frag_ID,
               UPDATE_MKVDK_LOG = :sUpdate_MKVDK_Log,   //CLOB Type
               UPDATE_COMMAND = :sUpdateVerityCmd,
               DELETE_STATUS = :sDelete_Status,
               DELETE_NO_OF_IDS = :iDeleteNoOfToc_Frag_ID,
               DELETE_MKVDK_LOG = :sDelete_MKVDK_Log,   //CLOB Type
               DELETE_COMMAND = :sDeleteVerityCmd
           WHERE VERITY_LOG_ID = :iMaxVerity_Log_ID

I would appreciate your help

Thank you


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