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From: Paul Dorsey <>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 02:43:29 GMT
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Page breaks are funny in reports.
[Quoted] The most common mechanism is to set the maximum records on a repeating frame to 1.
[Quoted] That will force a page break after each instance of a group.

Page break after only forces a break between the object and the ones anchored to it. If nothing is anchored to the object, page break after has no effect.

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Nandakumar wrote in message <7pcdso$g05$>...

>Anyone could help to create a page break on one of the Repeating Frames
>in a Report. First of all i don't see any PAGE BREAK AFTER/BEFORE
>property associated with any frame. If i set this property to the first
>field in the frame, nothing happens except that for PAGE BREAK BEFORE,
>there gets created a blank first page. Actually i expected one frame to
>present in a page if PAGE BREAK AFTER is set to the last field in the
>frame. But there is no effect on the look of the report with the change
>of property. If this is something because of ANCHORs, i would like to
>know what needs to be done with these anchors if i want one page to have
>just one frame.
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