Re: How to calculate free space left in tablespace

From: Patrick Hamou <>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 00:24:52 GMT
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ok, it is normal that the tablespace`s free space did not change when you added data into the tables :

let me explain you why :

In Oracle tables (segments) are separeted into Extents

Each time the table needs space (ex : the initial extent is full) then Oracle allocates another extent (for witch the size is defined in the Create table clause or in the Default Storage parameter of the tablespace), lets say that the new extent alocated has 1 Meg ... So when you inserted data into the table, you didn't arrive to the end of the new extent, so this is why the free space in the dba_free_space data dictionary table did not change!

If you want more information on the alocation of extents in Oracle , you can find it in Oracle Concepts Manual

have fun !

Patrick Hamou
Oracle DBA

Seigmund Akinwande Johnson wrote in message ...
>Hi ,
>I would like to know how to calculate the amount of space left in a
>tablespace ?
>using dba_free_space does not help because I have added data into the
>in that tablespace
>but still the values are the same.
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