Using Triggers with Pro C/C++ precompiler?

From: John Standard <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 12:41:28 -0400
Message-ID: <>


        I'm a software engineer new to Oracle. I am building middleware application that serves as an interface to an Oracle database, for other
'front-end' applications. One of the functions of the middleware is to
create a notification service to the 'front-end' apps. That is, apps can register/unregister an interest in specific data, if that data changes the apps will be notified by the middleware.

        I am currently researching the best way to implement this functionality. After sifting through documentation, I am thinking about using Pro C/C++ precompiler to create a function that will take certain parameters and set up a trigger dynamically at runtime. The apps will contact the middleware to set up the trigger. When the trigger is set off (because data changed), the trigger will start an external procedure which will contact the middleware. The middleware will then notify the
'front-end' app that data it was interested in, changed.

[Quoted]         My question: Is this possible? I have been looking at the Oracle documentation on the Pro C/C++ precompiler and can't find and examples of it used to set up triggers. I currently have a request in to the DBA to install the precompiler, and then will start down this road. Any and all replies are appreciated.

Thank you

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