Re: No Excess with Express

From: <Kane>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 21:47:12 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Dammit I thought you had an answer! I have much the same problem and came here to post this message:-

"how the hell do you install this bugger - I've followed all the steps in the manual setting up Express server 6 on a Digital Unix box (v4.0d) with the admin tools on an NT client but when I try to start a service it fails on the configuration agent startup with a signal 15 and closes the daemon down

help - I'm rapidly running out of hair to pull out"

<sob> it's Oracle support for me if someone doesn't come up with an answer.....

On Thu, 22 Jul 1999 09:42:19 +0200, Ralf Schroeder <> wrote:

>Problem: I try to install Oracle Express Server After
>installation I am called to start the Express Server service manually. I
>do so. Just a fraction of a second and I receive a message: Error 1075
>(could not start service).
>Any chance? Thanx
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