Re: URGENT! How to connect to non_Oracle DB in Developer 2000?

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Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 21:13:05 GMT
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It is possible to connect to a non oracle data sources. for that you will require the ODBC and ORACLE OCA adapters. For example you want to connet to Access. then your connection string will look like this accessusername/accessuserpass_at_ODBC:<DSN NAME> In this way you can connect to an ODBC source. If you want to have connections to two databases at the same time. then you have to use the PLL EXEC_SQL. It can make connection to the oracle/non oracle datasources. Using EXEC_SQL you can open number of connections. Fetch the data and show it on form. E.g. I want to show data from Oracle and DB2. I will connect as Oracle by default. and use execute_query to populate. In When-new-form-instance I can use connection to DB2 through EXEC_SQL and populate relevant fields.

Second scenario is you want to have one connection at a time you can use OPENDB.PLL. This changes the properties of objects for the target database at runtime.
 I hope this will solve the issue, if any clarifications let me know Regards
Anil Lakhanpal

In article <7omqut$bvo$>,   "Phillip H" <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am building an application with Developer 2000. The application
query data
> on Oracle, MS Access, SQL Server and DB2. How many connections can I
have at
> a single time? Can I connect to those DBs at the same time? And how?
> If I can have only one connection at a time, how do I connect to
> DB?
> Thanks
> Phillip

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