Parsing problems with Oracle terminal

From: Ingo Frommholz <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 15:21:13 GMT
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I have a problem with Oracle Terminal V6. It seems that the parser doesn't handle the PAGEDOWN-Key correctly under Windows 95.

To be more specific:

Our application works under Windows NT as well as under Windows 95. We recently migrated it from Forms 4.5 to Forms 6.0.

Under NT, the (german) windows keyboard layout is
"Deutsch(Deutschland)". Oracle NLS_LANG registry entry is
"AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P1". We now want to define the PageDown and
PageUp key in fmrusw.res to assign ScrollDown and ScrollUp, respectively. This binding hasn't existed in the resource file so far. First, we entered the key name "PAGEDOWN" for ScrollDown. The result was a parse error. After some experimentation we entered the german token
"Bild-nach-unten" which works fine. The same for ScrollUp. All the other
tokens have their english names like "UpArrow" and so on. So far so good, it works with NT.

Now we edited the resource file under Windows 95. Here the windows keyboard layout is "Deutsch(EDV)", Oracle NLS_LANG as above. We tried the key names "PAGEDOWN" and "Bild-nach-unten", but both raised the well-known parse error :-(. If we use the Macro Mode, we get the word
"PAGEDOWN" when pressing the PageDown key, which doesn't work. I have no
idea which key names to use to express the PageDown/PageUp keys.

I tried an older version of Oracle Terminal with an appropriate resource file and the parser had no problem with "PAGEDOWN" (under NT).

Can anyone tell something about the problem? Maybe it's because our Oracle Terminal is an alpha-version? Are there any newer versions out there which work better? Or where do I have to look to find more useful informations?

Many thanks! :-)

Best wishes,


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