ORA-03106 in web(Java)-client

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Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 13:48:15 GMT
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When trying to access data in Db from Web(Java)- client, I get ORA-03106 - Fatal two-task communication protocol error.

The client works fine when I run it in
Appletviewer on Server.

Db is Oracle 8i ver 8.0.5
OS is Linux Red Hat 5.2
Web-server is Apache
Connection to Oracle by thin Jdbc
Action in client is simple "select * from db where YY=XX" (to be replaced with stored procedure...)

Listener is configured
MTS is "enabled" in initSID.ora

As I understand the error-msg there is a problem in some sort of multi-task/multi-threading in Oracle when accessing from web(Java)-client...

Can anybody please advise?


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