From: Jon <conqaaz_at_blueskyweb.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 11:34:05 GMT
Message-ID: <37b7f6b7.6330774_at_news.idt.net>

It is VERY necessary for me to be able to migrate data from FoxPro to Oracle. I can create a data file from FoxPro, but can't get SQL*Loader to work.

First there were problems creating the log file and with the location of the control file. I finally tried using the root directory for everything (I'm using Novell 5 on a DOS 6.22 machine ... yeah I know, antiquated).

Finally I got error 918, "the catalog must be loaded (as SYS) for SQL*Loader to be used."

The illustrious documentation said, "logon as SYS and load the Oracle catalog and the views in the script ULVIEW.SQL." Nowhere in the Oracle, Netware, or $200 worth of books I purchased can I find any information about an "Oracle catalog." And nowhere on the CD's I got with the Novell 5/Oracle 8 bundle is there a file called ULVIEW.SQL.

Can anyone help?

Jon Received on Mon Aug 16 1999 - 13:34:05 CEST

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