Re: Create Listener in Oracle EM?

From: Jon <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 03:32:46 GMT
Message-ID: <>

I have had problems with the EM too. After installation the instructions said to to something with the listener. I had to type something like dbsnp_start (not exactly sure of the command), but every time I typed status, I got "sub agent not running". I finally was able to work from SQL*Worksheet, but there's something still screwed up. I can't run server manager, sql loader, etc, from the client. Always get, "cannot connect to destination". Yet I know I am making a connection because I can run scripts, and sql statements from sql worksheet. Any comments?

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>Not sure, but I think you&acute;ll need to install the Intelligent Agent
>on the server
><p>Gerald Anleitner wrote:
><blockquote TYPE=CITE>Hi!
><br>I just got the Oracle Enterprise Manager (2.0.4) and am now playing
><br>with it, looks quite nice, I think. But I experience one strage
><br>problem: Whatever I do, I cannot select the "Create Listener" or "Edit
><br>Listener" items in the Navigator menu. It would be great if somebody
><br>give me a hint?
><p>Thanks &amp; Bye,
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