Re: [HELP] How to read Oracle from the Internet?

From: Eshar <>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 15:55:03 +0100
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[Quoted] I would recommend the Oracle Application Server, it integrates seamlessly to the Oracle Database once it's set up and the time to learn it is very short.


John wrote:

> ************************
> *** MY BACKGROUND: ***
> I just got a job as a web developer. I am working on a master's in CS
> and have experience programming in C++/Java, so I can understand
> whatever you care to reply with. I completed Oracle 7 courses five
> years ago (when the web was inchoate), took them quite seriously, and
> took good notes.
> My notes brought me back up to speed on Oracle, SQL, SQL*Plus, and
> SQL/PL, no problem. (Whew.) I also know a lot of HTML & JavaScript &
> what little XML there is at this point. Know Unix/NT.
> ******************
> *** MY NEED: ***
> I have to write some methods (an API) so that developers at other
> companies can read our Oracle tables over the Internet without having
> to come to our web site, i.e., other developers could call our database
> and show the results in their web pages.
> My dilemma: I am reading everything everywhere (including
> and about tools that I *think* will allow me to do this:
> JDBC, Oracle Application Server (OAS), WebDB, etc. Which one's least
> painful to learn? I know that 3-tiered JDBC is preferable to 2-tiered
> for scalability, but it's also harder (to write that middle layer). I
> am getting nervous because I want to come up with something tangible
> besides this document describing the functions to read our tables.
> What should I learn? Continue with JDBC? Or use an Oracle product?
> Both? I HAVE NEVER written code to access an ORACLE TABLE from across
> the Internet! Java could be a good fit since it's relatively easy to
> write threads and has security for the 'net. This place currently has
> Oracle tables connected to web pages via CGI/Perl and they want to get
> away from that.
> ------------------------------------------------------
> ------------------------------------------------------
> ANY words of advice will be greatly comforting. Help-help-help-help-
> help! I feel powerless and mal-qualified. If I can just read a sample
> Oracle table over the 'net with some code I will relax. No, I will
> *cream.* I have different ISP's to test stuff out with and an Oracle
> account so I can make sample tables on our server, etc.
> *Thanks* everybody, and sorry for the cross-post.
> John
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