Pulling images from database onto form

From: Brian Howard <bh_at_creditwatch-inc.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 20:40:16 GMT
Message-ID: <37B32F74.742CFA08_at_creditwatch-inc.com>

[Quoted] I have what I would have thought to be a simple problem, but I am fast wanting to pull my hair out. I have a table: PS_PICS (table)
name varchar2
pic long raw

I have a form
CLIENTS (form)

All I want to do, is when the form comes up, it pulls the picture from PS_PICS with the name 'WORLD' and places this picture on the form. Sounds simple but cannot get it to work. I have tried several suggestions but none work. Should I create a data block on the form based on this table? Should I make the form field a display field or image field? If it needs to be an image field, what should the data type be (it doesn't have long raw)? Do I use a When-new-form-instance trigger to populate the field? Do I attempt to fetch this picture into the field using a cursor? Please help? Please give a step-by-step including code. Thanks. Received on Thu Aug 12 1999 - 22:40:16 CEST

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