Re: Q: DBMS_OUTPUT display while processing?

From: Rauno Seppanen <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 20:02:09 GMT
Message-ID: <5LFs3.317$>

[Quoted] >>> one option that works very well is the dbms_application_info. this
>>allows you to set values in the v$session table (to tell where you are)
and in
>>8.0 and up, to put many rows in the V$SESSION_LONGOP table with the
>>> dbms_application_info.set_session_longops procedure. these rows are
>>visible immediately (no commit needed) so they are perfect for monitoring
[Quoted] >>long running procedures from any terminal (a simple query shows the status
of a
[Quoted] >>long running procedure that has calls to dbms_application_info in it)....

[Quoted] [Quoted] That would be very useful also in 7.x versions. Do you think that it is possible somehow to get both V$SESSION_LONGOP table and the new dbms_application_info package into 7.2 database. We have also this 8.0 version but we can't use that version yet because our client is not ready for it (and it'll take years until they are). So it would be used only during developing of programs.

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