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> In one of my projects, I need to monitor real time all database
> transactions in the Oracle dbms server in real time. The transactions
> are filtered and transported to interested applications by messaging
> servers. The constraints are real time monitoring, non intrusive
> monitoring mechanism (avoid triggers and alerts) and remote
> Are there any tools or programs that meet the above requirements?
> Alternatively, I can implement the program myself but I need some kind
> souls to give me some pointers. Any references and books would help.
> Thanks.
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You can write a bunch of queries to read the v$ tables, but when the database hangs so do your queries.

Oracle's enterprise manager does a lot of this but it is interactive.

Precise software sells an Oracle database monitor that works by reading the SGA directly and not via SQL. It does not hang when the database experiences problems but I do not know what it any information you can select out of it to meet your particular requirements. But it might be worth a look. I do not have a number to give you, but I have an e-mail address of We never followed up on the product.

Platinum had a bunch of Oracle tools. You could check with them also.

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