Re: Oracle SQLPlus 8.0 --Need Help

From: Paul Dorsey <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 11:11:35 GMT
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First, I would suggest that you buy a couple of books: Oracle, The Complete Reference (Oracle Press) PL/SQL Programming (Get both the Oracle Press and O'Reilly Books)

Answers to your questions are below:

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>1) Can you add a variable of type Number to a date variable, and then
>compare this to the sysdate, in order to find the out whether or not the
>the amount of days is greater that the sysdate????
>eg. 23-Oct-1999 + 2days, should equal 25-Oct-1999. Can this type of
>calculation be done??
yes, but be careful. Dates in Oracle are stored to the nearest second.
>2)Having trouble with the MAX function, in a SQL statement, is the correct
>systax as follows??
>SELECT MAX(value) AS "Maximum"
>FROM tablename;
No, the syntax is SELECT MAX(value) Maximum FROM tablename;
>Thanks to the person who help me out, Whoever you may be !!!!
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