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From: John S. Jones <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 05:04:34 GMT
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I'm having the same problem with the WebDB install, but since this is a very low priority on my things-to-do list, I have not called technical support to resolve it.

As for the Oracle Home situation, the way I understand it is that the two products use incompatible versions of Net8/SQLNet, thus, require separate Oracle homes. I noticed the same thing when installing Enterprise Manager 1.6 & Oracle8i. Oracle Developer & Designer were able to use the same home as Enterprise Manager 1.6 though.

Yes, this is a pain in the neck.

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Charles Larry <> wrote in message

> I have installed Oracle 8i on machine running Windows NT Server 4.0
> SP3. When I try to install WebDB, the installation gets to the point
> where it asks for the SYS password for the database. Regardless of what
> I enter, it says that the password is not valid and that I should make
> sure the database is running.
> What database is it trying to connect to? Nothing in the install
> process up to that point asks about a particular Oracle instance/service
> such as hostname:1521:dbname.
> Also, on a related note, what is required to create an "Oracle Home"? I
> have installed Oracle 8i on C:\Oracle\HOME1. That made my first Oracle
> Home. Reading the release notes for WebDB, it said I needed to install
> WebDB into its own Oracle Home. Well, at the point in the install
> process that asked for the name of the Oracle Home to install it to, I
> entered a new name (HomeWebDB) and a new location C:\Oracle\HomeWebDB.
> Is this all that is meant by installing the program in its own "Oracle
> Home" or is there something I am missing? For example, do I need to go
> back and try to install Oracle 8i again in another directory such as
> C:\Oracle\HOME2. Is that what it means to create an "Oracle Home"?
> Thanks,
> Charles
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