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Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 22:19:38 +0200
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I have a script (got it from someone else) given me the user / databasename in the sqlplus-prompt -
anyone interested). As we have about 5-6 databases and I log in as several users (in the testbase) I would'nt miss the script. And if someone can tell me how to start sql with running that sql and then not logout /exit I would appriciate it a lot.

But then again why not use toad (a free-ware program)



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Life is too short to do only what you like and it often give you a headace anyway Simon Hedges <> wrote in message news:7nqa92$okf$
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> > Finally, take cascaded update and renaming columns. These are features
> > actively oppose. I regard it as a fundamental principle of data theory
> that
> > the identity of a data object is persistent, inseparable, and immutable
> for
> > the life of the object.
> My fundamental principle of data theory is that a data object should
> accurately reflect the data it contains. Occasionally, this directly
> conflicts with your principle. Sometimes a column rename is desirable,
> when it is desirable, it would be nice if Oracle helped out a bit.
> > In the case of columns, it means they don't change
> > names. In the case of rows, it means they don't change primary key
> values.
> In the RAF, their personnel are divided into Trades. We had a trade
> Fireman. A few years ago, we were required by the Government to change it
> to Firefighter. It's part of the Primary Key. Primary Key values do
> change. Not often, but they do. Cascade Update would help.
> > I find that systems built in conformance to this principle are generally
> more
> > robust and more maintainable.
> Nope. Not that I recommend that people run around renaming columns and
> changing primary keys willy nilly!
> > than systems that disregard this principle. So I would regard adding a
> > column rename feature and a cascaded delete feature as a step in the
> > direction for an RDBMS. Again. it's up to the Oracle company to figure
> out
> > who they are going to satisfy.
> I think they're coming along slowly. 'Drop Column' appeared in 8.1, and
> 'Cascade Update' code can be generated from Designer v2.0+. All I want
> is a status bar in SQL*Plus telling me who I'm logged in as, and which
> database I'm logged into, and I'll be happy!
> As someone else stated, we need to keep voting for what we want in the
> enhancement process.
> Simon Hedges
> Gloucester
> UK
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