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> >I have a large PL/SQL package with 20 procedures within the package.
> >The purpose of the package is do some batch process which will take
> >about 10 hours.
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> >I tried to have DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE in every single procedure to
> >out the status so that I can monitor each process(to see if there is
> >errors) while the package is still running. However, the DBMS_OUTPUT
> >didn't display until the whole package is done. This is very
> >Is there any work around?
> >
> >Thanks in advance.
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> dbms_output cannot be display until the procedure is done executing.
> one option that works very well is the dbms_application_info. this
allows you
> to set values in the v$session table (to tell where you are) and in
8.0 and up,
> to put many rows in the V$SESSION_LONGOP table with the
> dbms_application_info.set_session_longops procedure. these rows are
> immediately (no commit needed) so they are perfect for monitoring
long running
> procedures from any terminal (a simple query shows the status of a
long running
> procedure that has calls to dbms_application_info in it)....
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Thomas, Can you give us an example for how to use dbms_application_info.set_session_longops procedure ? [Quoted] Thanks Ted Chyn(

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