Re: lack of quality of Oracle Tools

From: Terry Dykstra <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 08:38:52 -0600
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[Quoted] No thin client in Powerbuilder? You should take a look at PB7.

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Dirk Bellemans wrote in message <7op6vc$o4$>...

>Well, I just switched back from M$ development to Oracle...
>My previous job was MFC development. PL/SQL doesn't match up to the new
>but you should try to copy dialog boxes and stuff in Visual C++... Besides,
>apart from the bugs, I cranck out more than two forms a day with D2K:
>haven't seen anyone ever do that with C++. (IMHO C++ is much more
>but way more expensive to develop and much harder to learn). I've used
>Uniface, which is very well suited if you're an SM adept and have a
>glass-fiber connection to your server (although it produces applications
>much faster than D2K!). And euh, if you've ever seen the data-control from
>VB, you can't be serious to call that one a 4GL database development tool.
>So, what's left? Powerbuilder? They can't create thin clients, and you get
>lame finger from typing code...
>Nah, I prefer D2K for business oriented development. It has bugs, the
>upgrade scheduling is desastrous and I've never seen anyone capable of
>installing the docs correctly, but (telephone) support (in Belgium) is
>excellent (compared to Borland or Microsoft), it has enough printed
>documentation from third parties (O'Reilly, Osborne) to get you going,
>development is relatively speedy without sacrificing the runtime
>and with the new OLE2 package, you have the same power to use COM as with
>any other tool but Visual C++.
>Fairly honest: I haven't tried Java yet...
>Dirk Bellemans
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>Cyril Elkaim wrote in message <>...
>> I don't like Microsoft, but, in this case, between them and Oracle I
>>choose M$. What is the interest to have a competition SQL engine if the
>>tools you must utilize with it are unable to make the job done?
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