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From: Hans Frank Ellefsen Blaasvær <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 15:17:49 +0100
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I have tried it and a sample code could look like this:

  o ole2.obj_type
  a ole2.list_type;
  res INTEGER;

  ole2.add_arg(a, usr);
  ole2.add_arg(a, pwd);
  ole2.add_arg(a, tns);

  o := ole2.create_obj('AXobject.main');   res := ole2.invoke_num(o, 'logon', a);   ole2.destroy_arglist(a);
END; I did not include an activex container on the form and did not import the methods.
You create the object with "ole2.create_obj" and call the methods with "ole2.invoke_num/char/obj". The arguments are places in the arglist.

Scott Haley wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck using activeX components in Forms? I have put
> the activex container on the form and pointed to my ocx. Then I
> imported the methods and events with the ole importer. All of the
> program units are there but I don't know how to call them. I assumed I
> would call the functions just like normal but it doesn't seem to work.
> For instance one of the functions is called ole_open and it has two
> parameters that you pass to it. When I try and compile my pl/sql block
> I get an error saying that I need to declare ole_open?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
> Scott

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