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Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 05:59:20 -0500
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This reply may be too late to help with current project, but may be able to help with next time. I'll assume SQL*Loader as method of loading external source material.

Try using a to_date() function in your load and define the date with format 'YY'. This will default the century to current value of sysdate. You can get more elaborate and use decode() to test for year value and determine which century based on what ever rule (ie, 70/30) you want.

Give Eddie a Hi!.

Good luck.

Keith Midkiff

Azam Mirza wrote:

> Hi
> I am loading some data into tables and one of the fields that is coming
> in is a date field. It is in a two digit format. Now on querying this
> data it shows me all those dates before 1949 as 2049 or so. I know this
> is because of 50 year pivot of date format that oracle uses and this is
> the default. Is there any way to change this and make it a 30 to 70 year
> break up??.
> If my question is not clear it is as follows:
> The Oracle's default format of date of two digit is 'RR' type and any
> date less that 50 years from today it will be considered THIS century
> and any date more than 50 years from today it will be considered the
> NEXT century. Can I change this format to 70 and 30 year format instead
> of 50-50??
> I will really appreciate some help here.
> my e-mail address is
> Thankx
> azam
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