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From: M. Oberly <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 11:48:48 +0200
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I am developing a WebDB application and I have done Update/Delete forms and various reports, both with thr Query Wizard and based on SQL queries.

As to Update/Delete forms, I use a frame driver to control these. The frame driver generates a two-column result set, the first column contains a list of hypertext links that is visible to the user, the second column contains a list of corresponding URLs. Each URL contains the URL link to the form and an argument value that is either the rowid or the alt_rowid for the table that the form accesses. The alt_rowid is specified in the form on the Form Options page. Other argument values may also be specified. They must satisfy the form's calling sequence as shown in the form's Manage / Show Call Interface page. If the, for instance, alt_rowid argument value is present in the table in the column the form specifies as the alt_rowid, then the form displays the buttons for Update / Delete. If the value is not present, then you get the Insert button.

As to report paramaters, I don't know of any way to limit the condition list for an individual report.

Turgay Zengin wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to Oracle and webdb, and I am trying to build my company intranet
> with these tools. I think WEBDB is a great tool. But of course you cannot
> do everything you want. The biggest problem is detailed form design.
> I guess you can use PL/SQL to further design the package body when you
> create a form from with webdb. Also java would add more functionality to
> the forms. But I am new to PL/SQL and java as well.
> Any examples, ideas on adding PL/SQL code / java code to a form, and
> detailed form/report design will be greatly appreciated. None of the
> tutorials/examples I have seen covers these topics. I hope the awaited book
> (Webdb Bible) will cover these.
> The more specific questions are:
> 1) How do you create "Delete/Update" forms on a table/view? (I have already
> created "Add new record" forms on a single table)
> 2) I have a report based on a view covering 3 tables:
> - The employees table (empid, empname, .....)
> ---------
> - The courses table (courseid, coursename, ......)
> ------------
> - The emp_course table(empid,courseid)
> ----------------------
> The "parameter entry" page asks for a empid (using a LOV based on the
> employees table), then displays the courses that employee had taken. My
> problem is: There is a "operators" combo box in the parameter entry page
> which includes all valid operators (%, =, >, <,...) I want only the "equal"
> (=) operator to show up.
> I have found these operators in a table in WEBDB schema
> ("WWV_SYS_STATIC_LOV$" table, "SYSTEM_CONDITIONS" entries). When I change
> the contents of that table, the operators displayed are also changed. But
> this is not I want, since these operators would be necessary elsewhere.
> Is there a way to change the operators LOV to something else? I tried to
> update the package body of the report, all I could manage is to return "="
> to the "" procedure, regardless of what the user selects from
> the operators.
> I hope that was clear.
> Thanks in advance,
> Turgay.
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