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From: Turgay Zengin <zengint_at_bp.com>
Date: 10 Aug 1999 07:22:35 GMT
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[Quoted] I am new to Oracle and webdb, and I am trying to build my company intranet with these tools. I think WEBDB is a great tool. But of course you cannot do everything you want. The biggest problem is detailed form design.

I guess you can use PL/SQL to further design the package body when you create a form from with webdb. Also java would add more functionality to the forms. But I am new to PL/SQL and java as well.

Any examples, ideas on adding PL/SQL code / java code to a form, and detailed form/report design will be greatly appreciated. None of the tutorials/examples I have seen covers these topics. I hope the awaited book (Webdb Bible) will cover these.

The more specific questions are:
1) How do you create "Delete/Update" forms on a table/view? (I have already created "Add new record" forms on a single table) 2) I have a report based on a view covering 3 tables:

  • The employees table (empid, empname, .....)
  • The courses table (courseid, coursename, ......)
  • The emp_course table(empid,courseid)
    The "parameter entry" page asks for a empid (using a LOV based on the employees table), then displays the courses that employee had taken. My problem is: There is a "operators" combo box in the parameter entry page which includes all valid operators (%, =, >, <,...) I want only the "equal" (=) operator to show up.

I have found these operators in a table in WEBDB schema ("WWV_SYS_STATIC_LOV$" table, "SYSTEM_CONDITIONS" entries). When I change the contents of that table, the operators displayed are also changed. But this is not I want, since these operators would be necessary elsewhere. Is there a way to change the operators LOV to something else? I tried to update the package body of the report, all I could manage is to return "=" to the "report.show" procedure, regardless of what the user selects from the operators.

I hope that was clear.

Thanks in advance,
Turgay. Received on Tue Aug 10 1999 - 09:22:35 CEST

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