Re: webdb help ! to protect a folder

From: Turgay Zengin <>
Date: 10 Aug 1999 06:40:00 GMT
Message-ID: <01bee315$1e9ee220$8fea67a1_at_ecistw606>

Here is how I do it:

When a user clicks the site home page, there are 1) A "LogOn" Link
2) Some folders which I want every user can see (even without logging on)

When the user clicks LogOn and successfully logs on, he is presented other folders/items beside the public folders/items.

You can manage security from each folders' "Folder Properties" like this: When you are in the folder you want to protect (logged on to the site as the site admin), click "Edit" then "Folder Properties" then "Users" or "Groups". Here, you can give access permissions to any user or group.

Simply add your users to a group called "My_Site_Users", and give each folder access permissions how you like.

About presenting the msgbox, I don't display it, the user gets it when he clicks "LogOn". This is on the "Navigation Bar". Also, webdb wants the user to enter his userid/password when a page in the site is called by writing the URL in the "address" box of the browser.

Hope this helps.


xyric <> wrote in article <7omubo$p31$>...
> I have a webdb site, and want to do this :
> when a user connects to my site, he is displayed a msgbox for him to tell
> his login & password.
> I have created some users.
> But I can't make the msgbox be displayed and the access forbidden if the
> authentification fails.
> Help please !
> Vincent Large, who has 3 days only to end his project...
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