Re: can i run a stored procedure from Reports?

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Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 14:54:00 GMT
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You don't need to specify the 'execute' prefix to the procedure if you call it from within a PL/SQL block.


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> Since the figures I have to calculate require pretty complex
> calculation, I wrote a stored procedure in PL/SQL to compute the
> and store them in a table . Then I create a query with Reports to get
> the data in the report sheet . Now the point is we want to run the
> calculating procedure (1) immediately before the report is run (2).
> I know I can do it with a script to synchronize the 2 tasks. But a
> better way would be to imbed step 2 in the report itself, sort of in
> of the report trigger. The trouble is you can not issue "execute
> calcuation_procedure;" in the trigger.
> So is there a solution to this?
> Thanks

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