Re: Reports --> EXCEL

From: Madhu Shekar <>
Date: 9 Aug 1999 13:47:34 GMT
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Dear Kai

           You can download the data from the Frames into the Type of File you want. You can ave a .csv Comma delimited file etc.

           you need to open a file using the text_io.fopen function in the AFTERPFORM.Then open the file in append mode and download the data required from its Frame using the built in text_io.put_line.Close the File using text_io.fclose.

      Hope this helps you.
                                 Madhu Shekar
Kai Sodemann <> wrote in article <01bee264$f5607960$>...
> Hi,
> I'm working with REPORTS 2.5 and want
> to create a file based on the data that is in the report,
> that can be opened by MS EXCEL.
> Any concepts or basic ideas are welcome.
> Thanx Kai
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