Problems in generating web-apps thru Des. 6

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Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 07:13:08 GMT
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We are facing few problems in designing web applications through Designer 6 .

  1. How can we give insert form with multiple records. This is required for a entry form with 3-4 fields but volume entry. Does Designer provide anything to define multiple records in insert form.
  2. For a module, when user presses 'New' button to insert new records, we want to put some condition, based on which we want to show him insert form or an html with error message saying ' insert is not allowed'. Is there any way to define such condition in module definition. We couldn't find any way to put some check on button 'New'. We could do this , by changing packages generated e.g. module_name$module_component.forminsert. But the problem is that we will have to make this change everytime we regenerate the application. Is there any better solution.

We are using Oracle 8, OWAS 4, Designer 6.



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