Des.6 Generated web-app access wrong URL

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Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 07:06:06 GMT
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I have generated web application through Designer 6. Application works fine mostly. Only sometimes, it tries to access wrong URL and gives error.

URL for our application startup is :
<web-site:8889>/app1/cart1/mod1$.startup (this page comes fine

Now if we press Find Button, it accesses
<web-site:8889>/app1/cart1/mod1$mod_comp.actionquery and it works fine.

But sometimes, it tries to access
<web-site:8889>/app1/cart1/mod1$.startup/mod1$mod_comp.actionquery and
it gives following error :
OWS-0501 - Execution failed due to Oracle Error 20004 PL/SQL Cartridge Service : app1/cart1
Procedure: mod1$.startup/mod1$mod_comp.actionquery & gives parameters passed

Simlar problem comes for other operations like LOV, insert form.

There is no pattern for occurence of this problem. it occurs sometimes. We are using Designer 6, OWAS 4, Oracle 8

Please suggest some solution.


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