Re: Forms 4.5: Order by form item

From: Steve Cosner <>
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 1999 00:27:27 GMT
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To sort on a non-base-table column, you can either create a function on the server that returns the non-base-table value during the Server's SQL select operation, and order by the function, or create a joined view that retrieves the order-by column, and base your form on the view.

Steve Cosner

In article <7of04c$2nhj$>, Karen Webster <> wrote:
>I have a master detail form and need to sort the detail records based on a
>form display item which is populated in a post-query trigger. In fact I
>need to sort on 4 items (3 of which are base table items, 1 is a display
>Forms 4.5 online help states
>ORDER BY Clause can reference the following objects:
>* columns in the block's base table (except LONG columns)
>* form items (:block_name.item_name)
>Copyright (c) 1994, Oracle Corporation.
>SET_BLOCK_PROPERTY(block_name, property, value);
>Copyright (c) 1994, Oracle Corporation.
>Well I've tried using the following in a post-query trigger, after
>populating the display items, but to no avail!!
>SET_BLOCK_PROPERTY('DS', ORDER_BY, :DS.SORT_COL); and other variations ....
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