Re: specifying rollback space w/SQLLDR

From: Thierry Poels <>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 10:56:54 +0200
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Since Oracle V7.x Oracle allows you to specify an optimal size for your rollback segments. Rollback segments will shrink back to their optimal size if the needed to grow before. So if you set it up correctly EVERY rollback segment can become very large, but will shrink back to normal size after usage.

hope you're not running Oracle V6 anymore ;)

Thierry Poels
Oracle DBA & HP-UX sysadmin

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> I am interested in finding out if anyone know how
> to specify a specific rollback segment when
> running sqlldr. I have 10 rollback segments with
> 9 of them average sized and one very large. I
> have 2 tables that will not load using the 9
> average sized rollback segments. To my
> understanding, the rollback segment is selected
> based upon whatever is available. Therefore
> hitting the large rollback segment is unlikely.
> I would appreciate any suggestions.
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